Bill and his wife Danielle make their home in Roswell, Georgia. They have one 3-year-old son and one son 11 months. There is nothing more important to Bill than his family. Whether he’s presenting to a new market, speaking at various conferences, or working from home, chances are Danielle, Cole, and Carter are not very far. “Family, for me, is everything. It’s what allows everything in my life to make sense. How hard I work, how much we save, my personal health, it’s all for the benefit of the life I can provide for my family…they’re why I do what I do.” Bill with his wife Danielle, and his son Cole *Director of Business Development* As business becomes more complex and global, skilled leadership becomes ever more vital. A director of business development helps organizations remain competitive and grow by identifying, assessing and developing new business opportunities. Bill is responsible for seeking out new business opportunities for TGC/IncomeStore. He develops coordinates and implements plans designed to increase existing business and capture new opportunities. Often, Bill is involved in strategic marketing and operations planning with top executives, setting objectives and identifying methods to reach those goals. Bill must be keenly aware of organizational growth initiatives related to regional markets and target customer segments, as well as TGC’s potential to meet customer needs with a product or service. Developing proposals in response to requests for proposals is another important aspect of the director of business development’s job duties. Once a new business has been secured, Bill works with other department heads and staff to coordinate account startup and transition service or product delivery. *Professional Speaker* Bill has made his career as a “top sales professional” for over 20 years. He speaks to audiences all over the world on “selling in the 21st century.” “His energy and delivery are his trademarks when you hear Bill speak, you remember what he says.” Bill’s greatest value to you and your audience is not only his understanding of new media marketing and e-business trends, but his ability to present it all in a context that is easily understood, practical, and readily implemented.
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