Like most people, Galina grew up learning that the secret to success was to do well in school, get an education and get a good job. Following this ideal, she got Masters in computer science, moved to the US from Russia, and began to work as 6-figure IT project management consultant for 10 years! Her skills, dedication, and drive got her thinking differently than most and by the ripe old age of 31 she set out a decision to retire financially. She was able to accomplish that in just 2 years. By the age of 33, she became financially free with a six-figure passive income. Currently, If Galina is not dancing up a storm teaching kizomba, she’s investing in properties and is helping high-performing professionals (like she used to be) to transition to a career, build a business, or create life path they love… Everyone has a turning point in their life Galina has made it her mission to help people navigate that turning point so they can build a life they’ve always dreamed to have!
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