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Is It Worth Replacing TV With Projector?

Is it worth replacing TV with projector?

Do you want to achieve a cinema-like experience in your living room? That’s why you are considering getting a projector. I agree that it’s always great to take an HD movie to a bigger screen and see every little detail. But what about other content like news or your favorite sitcom shows? Is it a good idea replacing TV with projector for day-to-day use? Let’s find an answer to this question together.

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The Pros and Cons of Projectors With Lens Shift

The pros and cons of projectors with lens shift

When people search for a projector, they sometimes do not pay much attention to the availability of the lens shift. Either because of ignorance or reliance on a keystone correction. Yet, this feature may turn out to be critical for obtaining a quality, straight-edged image. So, in this article, I will look into projectors with lens shift. You will learn their strong and weak points so you can make your own decision about whether this is the desired parameter or not.

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Must Have Cables for Projectors

Must have cables for projectors

Purchasing a projector is only half of the job. With this device, you also need to have certain cables on hand for greater versatility. You will connect different media devices with specific wires as you set up your home theater. So, what are the must-have cables for projectors? I will give you comprehensive answers to all your questions in my article.

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Tips to Choose Projectors for Business

Tips to choose projectors for business

In the digital-driven world, it’s hard to imagine a business that at least once has not faced the need for presentations and videoconferencing on the big screen. Projectors can achieve an image size of 100 inches or more, which is especially useful for sharing presentations, documents, and other visual content. But how to choose a business projector to get the desired image output?

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Is It Worth Having a Portable Projector?

Is it worth having a portable projector

It’s pretty clear that there are plenty of benefits of having a portable projector. After all, it’s compact, affordable, and can deliver fun at home, outdoors, in the office, or elsewhere. But along with the great things, this type of device has its own limitations. So let’s find out whether getting a portable projector makes sense for you.

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